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To Kevin and Lorraine and all the staff at the Hospice,

The Feeney family would like to thank you for the absolute loving and caring attention you provided to our father and beloved husband Andy in his final days. These few short words will never convey our gratitude for all you did to make his passing so peaceful.

Andy wanted to be at home and you made that possible without any fuss or complications. Nothing was an obstacle and every problem we encountered you had a solution for it.

You guided us through his final weeks taking the time to explain all that was happening. You ensured everyone was informed of decisions that needed to be made and what we could expect to happen at our daily family conferences.

You encouraged us to actively talk to Andy, to tell him it was ok to go and that we loved him. We have no regrets on ‘unspoken words or actions’ because with your help we did and said everything we needed to.

They say hearing is the last sense to leave us and if so then Andy was aware of his family and friends all around him, the daily routine of life going on with pots and pans clanging from the kitchen and stories and songs at his bedside.

You blended seamlessly into our family life which prompted my sister to joke that Kevin was like another brother!

You judged our moods, laughed with us, consoled us and empathised when needed. On the day Andy passed away Kevin magically appeared just as he was leaving us and helped us through that emotional time.

Once again thank you. The work you do is truly inspiring and may God bless you all.

Our kindest regards

Ellen, Tom, John, Cyril, Mary and Declan (Loyola Park, College Road, Galway)


To Breda, Kevin, Martina, Lorraine, Emer and all the Home Care Team.

We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all the care and kindness you gave Mam (Nancy Coleman) during her illness. You have been brilliant and we really appreciate all you have done.

It was Mam’s wish to stay at home, so thank you for helping us care for her in her own home and for making her wish come true. You are amazing people, doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work. God bless you all.

Ned Coleman and all the Coleman family, Kylebrack, Loughrea, Co. Galway


We the family of the late John Naughton (R.I.P.) namely his wife Brigid and sons Aidan, Joe, David and Sean together with our extended family would like to express our deep gratitude and thanks to all the management and staff of Galway Hospice Foundation for the care, comfort and support offered to John during the time that he spent with you prior to his passing away on 26th November 2009.

I quote a prayer that I heard recently, which immediately reminded me of the Hospice, and it captures perfectly the ethos of what you do:

It’s the little acts of kindness, and the little acts of love, that make this world a little more like above.

We simply cannot thank you enough for the dignified and homely atmosphere that the staff of the Hospice create for the people in your care. I avoid referring to the people in your care as patients purely because they are treated more as friends or guests in your fantastic facility. The comfort and facilities available are more akin to what guests would receive in a top class hotel. These thanks extend also to the Home Care team that visited Dad while at home and who were of great help and support.

The tireless efforts made by all staff to see to Dad’s needs are a credit to you and your collective professions. The range of care offered from personal care, medical, social and pastoral, are truly extraordinary and while we would like to have had Dad at home it was a wonderful comfort to us knowing that the level of care he was getting while at Galway Hospice was second to none. To us the most important gift that you so willingly gave to those in your care including Dad was your time, and nothing was considered too small if it went in some way towards making him more comfortable. For this we are eternally grateful.

Our experience as visitors to Dad right from the front desk through the various teams including nursing and care teams, the doctors and consultant, pastoral care, social care through to those not directly involved in his care was always courteous and one of welcome and comfort and we were never made feel that we were imposing on your workspace. The information provided on Dad’s condition was always given honestly and in a professional and considerate manner.

We enclose a donation on behalf of the family to Galway Hospice which in some small way expresses our sincere gratitude and will help in some way so that you can continue the wonderful work that you do.

As it would be unfair to single out any one individual person within Hospice for mention given your teamwork and team spirit, we enclose here also a gift which can be raffled amongst the staff. It again is our expression of thanks for those people who through your teamwork, directly or indirectly, contributed to Dad’s care.


We wish all the staff at Galway Hospice every blessing and happiness and want you to know that our lives are richer for having met so many of you in your various roles in caring for John. You have been of great consolation and inspiration to us at a difficult time.

You truly are an exceptional group of people that create a wonderful place of comfort for those who need it. Thank you.

Joe Naughton, Kilkerrin, Ballinasloe (on behalf of Brigid, Aidan, David and Sean Naughton)


Thank you to all the staff at the Galway Hospice for the wonderful care and attention given to John Manning during his time at the hospice. He never had anything but praise for all who worked there. John often said that the service there was like a 5-star hotel. I think it was better!

David Manning (nephew), Carlow


We the family of the late Annie Burke R.I.P. would like to sincerely thank all the many professionals who assisted our mother in so many different ways in the Day Care service during the course of her illness.In particular, we would like to thank the Home Care team, especially Staff Nurse Lorraine Mernagh whose professionalism and attention to detail was so commendable and meant so much to us in Mam’s final days.We hope that this donation (made by our own and Annie’s family and friends at her funeral) would in some way help towards the maintenance of this hugely important service to those who are terminally ill in our communities. Once again we would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to all who came in contact with our dear Mother and who facilitated her wishes to peacefully pass to her Eternal Reward from her own home.

Martina Moran, Galway


To all concerned who assisted Ann (Monahan) during her time with you in the hospice. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to all concerned in the care and attention given to Ann during her illness. I have been to many hospitals and have never witnessed such loving care and attention as she received.

You have brought Ann from a very ill person to a vibrant personality which she always was. Her wish has come true – to come home where she loves to be. Once again thanks very much and may God bless all of you for your wonderful work.

Bernard Monahan, Ballinasloe


To all the brilliant staff in Galway Hospice, thank you so much for the great care you gave to my father Brendan in his final weeks, and for treating him with such dignity, respect and tenderness. I feel Dad was very lucky to have spent his final days being looked after by you all, and thank you also for treating me and his family especially his nieces with such kindness. We will remember it always.

Dominica Burke, Castlebar, Co. Mayo


To all the hospice staff – especially those who cared for Sr. Mary and helped her and us on her last journey home – a sincere thank you. This card symbolises the light that all of you are – shining through dark times. On behalf of the Little Sisters of the Assumption, sincere gratitude, and may you always be a sign of compassion and humanity to us all.

Sr Claude McDonald, Galway


To all at Galway Hospice – thank you is not enough to say to you all for everything you did for Mummy (Eileen Jones). Your professionalism was outstanding and Mummy was very happy to spend her final days with you all. Anything we asked of you all was done with the biggest smile and great dedication. You all will never know what it meant to us. We miss Mummy so much, but are comforted by how well she was cared for. With all our love and best wishes.

Siobhan Jones, Galway


Dear Sean (CEO). My sister has just passed away and we are now leaving (the hospice) for home. Words cannot express our sincere gratitude to you and your wonderful staff for the genuine love and respect we have experienced here over the past number of days. This place is truly an oasis of beauty, care and rest. Thank you so much.

Michael Donegan, Birr, Co. Offaly