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Corporate Fundraising

Why choose us?

Every one of our patients and their families deserve to spend whatever time they have together as best they can. Our care teams do everything possible to give them that opportunity, offering relief for the patients' symptoms, practical and emotional support for all the family, opportunities for therapy and leisure, and, when the time comes, the very best care at the end-of-life stage.

Our hospice provides a wide range of Specialist Palliative Care Services, which include ~Community Palliative Care, Inpatient Care, Day Care, Bereavement Support and Education. All of this care is offered completely free of charge.

We depend heavily on voluntary contributions to help us continue to offer the highest quality of care to our patients and families, at what for them, is a very difficult time. You can help us to do this.


Ways to Get Involved

There are lots of ways that companies can support Galway Hospice, some of which are listed here. For more information, contact the Galway Hospice fundraising department on 091 770868 or email


Charity of the Year

Many companies choose a Charity of the Year each year in order to realise their Corporate Social Responsibility aims. This means the chosen charity will benefit from all fundraising efforts and staff initiatives during that particular year. Employees can become involved in existing fundraising events (through volunteering or supporting) in aid of Galway Hospice, or can organise their own events. The fundraising department will assist the company throughout the year with providing promotional material and publicising upcoming events. The company can partner the charity for the year, with the added benefit of being seen to be socially responsible.


Draw Payroll Deduction

Galway Hospice holds a Weekly Draw at the Hospice in Renmore every Tuesday at 12 noon to support the funding of our services. One of the most efficient and effective ways for individuals to support the work of the Hospice is to join the draw. The draw costs €1.27 per week and members are in with the chance of winning one of the two weekly prizes of €1,000 and €100.

Results of the Draw are advertised each week on the Galway Hospice Facebook page.

There are a number of ways of joining the draw.
  • Join through your Bank by signing a Standing Order Form and returning the completed form to Galway Hospice Fundraising Department, Dublin Road, Galway.
  • Pay by cash, cheque or bank card directly to the Hospice.
  • Set up a company Payroll Deduction Scheme, which involves employees authorising their employers to deduct €1.27 per week or €5.51 per month from their wages, which is subsequently sent to the Hospice. Payroll Deduction Schemes are subject to agreement with employers.


Some of the Companies who currently support the Galway Hospice in this way are:

  • Boston Scientific
  • NUI Galway
  • Tyco Healthcare
  • Nortel
  • Insilco
  • HSE West


For more information on the Payroll Deduction Scheme please contact


For more information on Corporate Support, please contact the Galway Hospice fundraising department on 091 770868 or email