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Volunteers play a major role at Galway Hospice and have done so since the establishment of the Community Palliative Care service in 1990 and the opening of the Inpatient Unit in 1997.  Initially the volunteers helped in the Fundraising Department where they were involved as Promoters of the Hospice Weekly Draw, the annual Sunflower Day, Hospice Coffee Morning and various fundraising events throughout each year. Currently there are over 100 volunteers actively involved in supporting the services of Galway Hospice and their assistance is greatly appreciated.

Currently, volunteers are involved in the following tasks at the Hospice every week:

  • Reception
  • Drivers for Day Care / Fundraising
  • Bus Escorts
  • Assistants for Arts & Crafts
  • Care of Indoor Plants and Flowers
  • Hairdressers
  • Musicians and Singers
  • Stewarding at Events
  • Supporting Remembrance Services
  • Patient Companions I.P.U
  • Promoters of Weekly Draw

There are as many reasons to volunteer as there are people who volunteer. Volunteers come from all walks of life and from all age groups. They are ordinary people who do extraordinary things without even realising it. They come with a diverse range of life experiences and are loyal, committed contributors to the life of Galway Hospice.

How you can help ...

  • Become a support volunteer for our care and non-care service provision.  This could range from helping to give out patient meals at lunchtime, helping in Day Care, providing lunch-time cover at Reception, offering your particular skills in areas where they can be accommodated ...
  • Become a Promoter of the Weekly Draw. The monies from this draw are used to fund our Community Palliative Care Team of Specialist Palliative Care Nurses who continuously care for and visit patients in their own homes around the county.  Funds from this also support our Day Care Unit. For many this is a vital service as it may be the only social outing they have each week.
  • Become a Fundraising Volunteer.  Give us a little of your time to help us organise fundraising events, help with distribution of Sunflowers, organise a Coffee Morning and other special events which raise funds for us.
  • Become a Contact Person for us in your Organisation/Club/Workplace. This would be very valuable in fundraising i.e. helping to sell/distribute our Hospice Christmas Cards and organise sponsored golf events/walks/runs etc.
  • Become a Corporate Sponsor (where appropriate). There are opportunities for your business / organisation to support the unique and essential care offered at Galway Hospice Foundation. We welcome any enquiries in this regard.

Contact Steve Dolan, Volunteer Co-ordinator on 091 770868 or email