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Inpatient Care

The Galway Hospice Inpatient Unit, which opened in 1997, accepts patients with cancer or other life-limiting illnesses.   A holistic approach is adopted so that physical, psychological, social and spiritual considerations are taken into account in allowing the patient to achieve the greatest potential for fulfillment in their remaining life, and the assurance of dignity in death.  During this time, family and friends are encouraged to be involved in care and are themselves given psychological and pastoral support by members of the multidisciplinary team when required.

The diagnosis of advanced cancer has a profound affect on patients and their families. The psychosocial impact can be severe, and quite unlike that of most other illnesses.

Physiotherapy (Copy)Caring for palliative care patients is complex.  However, many of the symptoms associated with advanced cancer and other life-limiting conditions can be relieved or made more tolerable to patients, and as a result their quality of life can be improved.

The Multidisciplinary Team:

In order to provide quality care to patients and families, the staff function as a team, utilizing the expertise and resources of each discipline in providing optimum patient-centred care.

Team meetings are held on a weekly basis to review each patient/family situation (and more often where needed). The meetings allow us to review plans of care, and apply more effective interventions.

Working closely as a team also provides a mutual support system for staff members, who deal with stressful situations.

“We would like to acknowledge the wonderful work done by all the staff. We haven’t forgotten and never will. They will always be in our thoughts & prayers. We don’t have the words to express the depth of our love & gratitude.” – Family of Hospice Patient.

Admission Policy: IMG_0535 (Copy)

All patients are referred through their General Practitioner if they are at home, and through their Consultant if in hospital.  Our aim is to involve the Primary Healthcare Team and work in close collaboration with them in providing a high standard of care to patients.

A member of the Home Care team will assess the patient at home.  If a patient requires admission, this can then be arranged.

IPU                         Information for the In-Patient Unit can be faxed directly to (091) 770890

Reasons for Admission:

Patients are admitted to the Inpatient Unit for any or a combination of the following reasons:

  • Respite Care
  • Symptom Control
  • End of Life Care
  • Psychological Support
  • Combination of care