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When does the Galway Memorial Walk take place?

The Galway Memorial Walk takes place on the second Sunday of  September each year.  
At what time does the Galway Memorial Walk start?

The Galway Memorial Walk starts at 12 noon sharp but we recommend that participants arrive from 11am onwards to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the live entertainment in the lead-up to the start.

Do I have to register?

Yes.  All participants are required to register for the Galway Memorial Walk.
How long is the Walk, and what route does it take?
The Walk is 6.5km long.  Starting from the Claddagh Hall, the route follows down Nimmo’s Pier, around South Park, out along the Prom to Blackrock (where there's an opportunity to stop for a breather, receive a snack bar and a bottle of water) and return again to the Claddagh Hall along the same route.
If I have participated in the past will I automatically be contacted by Galway Hospice?
Yes.  All former participants will be contacted via post and will receive a Registration Form.  Former participants are invited to complete and return the Form in the Freepost envelope as soon as possible, if they wish to participate in this year's Walk.
This is my first time to participate in the Galway Memorial Walk. How do I register?

You can register for the Galway Memorial Walk via our website. Registration opens a number of weeks prior to the walk.

How do I order my T-shirt?

Each Registration Form gives you the option of the following:

a)   Using a T-shirt from a previous year’s Memorial Walk

b)   Ordering a new T-shirt

Can I have the name of the person in whose memory I will be walking printed on the T-shirt?

Yes.  Participants have two options. The first is a ‘personalised’  T-shirt which will carry the following:

I’m walking

in memory of

(followed by the name of your family member, friend or colleague)

The second option is to choose a ‘generic’ Memorial Walk T-shirt. This will not carry the name of a loved one, because in many cases people are walking in memory of a number of people.  The generic T-shirt simply has the Galway Memorial Walk logo on the front of the T-shirt.

How do I obtain my T-shirt?
In order to reduce our costs we ask that you pick up your T-shirt from the Hospice (or have someone pick it up for you). If this is not an option we will post the T-shirt to you.
Do I have to pay for the T-shirt?
No.  However, the Galway Memorial Walk is Galway Hospice’s biggest fundraising event of the year and we ask that participants raise sponsorship in order to help us fund the Home Care, Day Care and Bereavement Support services.
How long does it take to receive my T-shirt?
It may take a couple of weeks for you to hear from us after you register.  This is due to the very high (and continually growing) number of participants.
Do T-shirts come in children’s sizes?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide T-shirts for children.
How will the funds I raise be spent?
All funds raised from the Galway Memorial Walk will go towards funding the Galway Hospice Home Care, Day Care and Bereavement Support services, which cost in the region of €2.1 million each year to provide and which depend almost entirely on voluntary contributions.
Can I bring funds I raise along on the day of the walk?
Yes.  We will have a team of volunteers and staff who will issue you with a receipt for funds brought on the day.
Is there a minimum amount of money I have to raise?
In order for the Galway Memorial Walk to be as inclusive as possible, and open to all, we have not set a minimum amount for participants to raise.   We welcome all funds received, and participants have generally been very supportive since the Walk commenced in 2006.  As outlined above, we rely on income received from events like the Galway Memorial Walk, as we are heavily dependent on the public's financial support to ensure the continuing free availability of Hospice care to those patients and families in our community who need them.
I want to raise as much money as possible for Galway Hospice. Can you suggest any other ways of raising funds apart from the Sponsorship Card?
We are affiliated with the fundraising websites and   You can set up your own web-page on either of these websites and email your friends encouraging them to make an online donation in support of your participation in the Galway Memorial Walk.  Simply select Galway Hospice as your charity of choice and all donations made to your webpage are forwarded to Galway Hospice and tracked back to your page.  If you have any difficulties in setting up the web-page please contact the Galway Hospice fundraising office (091-770868) and a member of the staff will assist you.
Can I register on the day of the Walk?

Yes.  However, due to the huge numbers that will be participating, we encourage people to Register in advance.

Thank You!